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Maintenance and Repair

Wouldn't it be great if your computer would always be as fast and as error free as it was the day you took it out of the box? In a perfect world, that is how it would be . . . but, this isn't a perfect world.

Your car is the same way. Remember that new car smell? Well, it isn't there any more. Remember how peppy it felt the day you brought it home? Well, that isn't there any more either.

The solution in both of these instances is the same. Go to an trustworthy technician with years of experience.  We have been serving the Zephyrhills area for over 10 years, and have 30+ years of experience in computer design and repair.

List your concerns to a good SALESMAN, and he will say "I know exactly what your problem is and it will cost xxx number of dollars".

List the same concerns to an experienced TECHNICIAN, and he will say "I have dealt with that  many times before, and there are several different things that could cause it. Let us do a through diagnosis and we will be in a better position to give you an accurate estimate that we can stand behind".

Which one do you want working on your poor ailing computer? . . .  with all your precious irreplaceable pictures . . . and all that music that you have been meaning to back-up . . . and all these e-mail addresses you have accumulated over the years.

What about when you  go to pick up your repaired computer? Do you want to know it is fixed, and the bill is xxx amount, or do you want to know what happened and how you might keep it from happening again?

Here at 1st Computer Technologies, you can always count on the best explanation possible and always but always in layman terms. Who do you want working on your computer?

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