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1st Computer Technologies, Inc.

Complete and Comprehensive Services for your Business or Residential Computer Systems

Serving Zephyrhills FL and the surrounding communities since 1999


Custom Designed Computer Systems

One computer for the home or a whole office full of computers, 1st Computer Technologies, Inc. stands ready to design and build the computer system that meets your exact needs,  with the quality you desire, service that will amaze you, and a price that is VERY competitive.

We understand that the key to success is selling high quality custom-built computer systems with outstanding support. After all, as a businessman we realize that if our clients aren’t satisfied, then we may soon have to close the door! That is why we have been around for so long, and others seem to come and go on a monthly basis. You can take confidence in the knowledge that our services will meet your every expectation.

As with any major purchase, it is important that you make an informed decision. We are here to be your personal consultant throughout all phases of the design and layout of your new office and the design and implementation of your office systems, as well as taking care of your everyday maintenance and security issues.

Only one computer in a residential setting? No problem . . . we stand ready to teach, advise, and service your computer in the same friendly and efficient manner as if you were a business with a whole office full of computers.

Calling 813-782-9577 starts you on the path to being a happy, efficient and safe computer user!

For those of you who would rather fight the good battle with your computer than watch TV, we have a full line of "SuperGamers" designed individually to suit your needs.

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